Deborah’s Story, by Ann Burton

As some of you may know, I’m a bit of a connaisseur of Biblical fiction, and not just because I write the stuff myself. I initially shied away from Ann Burton’s Women of the Bible series because of the rather romance-novel look of their packaging (oh, my prejudices!) but when she released a book on the prophetess Deborah at almost the same time my own Deborah book came out, I had to give her a try. (This curse of authors with bigger publishers and better distribution releasing novels on the same topic as mine at about the same time has dogged my career in Biblical fiction-writing, by the way — see Tommy Tenney’s and Rebecca Kohn’s very different novels on Queen Esther. The only similarity between them was that they both came out at about the same time as mine. But let that rest for now).

I’m glad I didn’t allow my prejudices to win out this time. Ann Burton is a fine writer who does a brilliant job of bringing Biblical women to life. Her ability to recreate time and place vividly is one of the strengths of her work, but she also imagines her Biblical women as believable characters. Her Deborah’s backstory is very different from mine — and the scope of her novel much narrower, taking place within a few short weeks rather than a span of years — but I always find it intriguing to see the ways in which different writers can imagine the same character and story.

I enjoyed Burton’s novels on Abigail and Jael even more than this one, and am looking forward to reading her Rahab novel. Yes, there are romance-novel conventions here — the heroine invariably trembles when she glimpses the overwhelmingly handsome hero — but they don’t obscure good writing and rock-solid research that enables Burton to draw the reader into the world of a woman’s life in ancient Israel.

One thing intrigues me: the books are well-promoted and distributed, but I can find no information online on the author — no website, no interviews, no pictures, no blog. This makes me suspect Ann Burton may be a pseudonym. I can’t imagine why such a talented writer would need a pseudonym for cover, but I’m interested in reading more of her work — under any name.



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7 responses to “Deborah’s Story, by Ann Burton

  1. Anonymous

    Just wanted you to know I ordered your Deborah book this week. I’m looking foreward to reading it when things are a little less crazy for me.

    I will be checking out Ann Burton books now.

    Love your “Compulsive Overreader” reviews.

    Catherine T.

  2. Stacey R.

    Hi! I was also looking for any information on “Ann Burton”. Let me know if you find any. I am reading Rahab. I agree with what you said about the packaging! 😀 I can’t wait to read the rest. I own so many biblical fiction books; It must be something about that time period.


    Stacey R.

  3. S Howison

    I have really enjoyed the Ann Burton books, but I cannot find a copy of Deborah’s Story for sale anywhere. Anyone know why?
    Stacey R – a couple of days ago I was trying to be a detective and deduce what writer-for-hire work one of my favourite authors has done (she can’t say what books she has written this way for legal reasons), anyway, I am 99% certain she is the one who wrote the Ann Burton stories. I was rather disappointed as this means my list of favourite authors has decreased by one! (as two are the same person) but still excited at the success of my detective work. I don’t want to say who she is straight out, as I respect her legal requirement to not disclose she wrote the books, but here’s a clue: PBW
    Good Luck!

  4. Now you have me thinking Lord Peter Wimsey wrote the Ann Burton books (I believe one of his middle names was Bredon). Obviously I’ll have to think harder about this…

  5. S Phillips

    I’m looking for Ann Burton’s books in large print, can you help me? I enjoy her books but I can’t seem to find them. My eye sight is getting worse and large print is really the only way for me to go. I’d appreciate any help you can give me.

  6. Kim Powell

    My mother-in-law loaned me your book….Jael’s Story. We all LOVE it. How can we purchase your other books?This one we got I think at a yard sale or somewhere. I checked with Christianbook club but they don’t have any of your books.

  7. This is just a book review site; I’m not affiliated with Ann Burton nor do I know where you can get her books, other than on Amazon which is where I got this one.

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