Aaaand … We’re Done With That

So, I’ve reached the end of my non-fiction reading list for Lent 2007.  The final tally is

  • 19 books
  • 17 read in their entirety during Lent; two started earlier but finished during Lent
  • One Biblical book read (Luke)
  • One cheat, but only for work (had to reread the novel Waiting for Time for a class)
  • Favourite and most thought-provoking books from this year’s list, without question: The Irresistible Revolution by Shaine Claiborne, and Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

And now…I’m diving back into fiction with gusto as I attack several long-awaited new library books piled up on my bookcase headboard.  Just to give you a glimpse of what’s ahead…



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4 responses to “Aaaand … We’re Done With That

  1. Trudy, you’re such an inspiration and motivation! Thanks for your suggestions for the rest of us and thoughtful reviews. I think I’ll start with the two you mentioned as being the most provocative!

    Any chance you’ll be visiting the other corner of North America soon? When you do visit, please let me know so I can invite you as our guest at Living Conversations.

    Also, do you think a blog/forum for Adventist creative writers would work?

    Hope you and your family had a lovely Easter. I spent most of the day traveling back from Walla Walla.

  2. Catherine T

    I picked up a copy of Eat, Pray, Love this weekend. Looks interesting. I’ll have to let you know what I think.

    I love coming to your reading site to see what will peak my interest. Thanks.

  3. Julius, thanks for the compliments and good wishes. The closest I’ll be getting to your part of the world is Seattle this summer, but not quite close enough I’m afraid!

    I don’t know how much interest there’d be in a forum for SDA creative writers — if there were one, I’d certainly participate, but I don’t know that many others so don’t know how great the interest would be.

    Catherine, hope you like Eat, Pray, Love. Look closely at the photo on this entry and then tell Dwayne what the top book on my pile is — I actually finished it yesterday (will post a review soon) and I wouldn’t have even known it was out yet if he hadn’t written about it on his blog!

  4. Oh wow…and I thought I was excited when I saw books in your banner…

    I LOVED Eat, Pray, Love (and wrote a review of my own on my blog) and The Irresistable Revolution (though I’m not sure how much I like this one in retrospect).

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