Jesus: Safe, Tender, Extreme, by Adrian Plass

For a long time now I’ve been hearing British Christians rave about how much they enjoy the work of Adrian Plass, best known for his semi-autobiographical, semi-fictional humourous works such as The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass, Aged 37 1/2  .  The first book of his I’ve actually had the chance to pick up is this recent non-fiction work about Jesus. It’s not overtly funny, but it does have plenty of Adrian Plass’s gentle, self-deprecating humour woven in as he talks about the aspects of Jesus (and, by extension, of the Christian life) that are meaningful to him.

The Jesus Adrian Plass worships is safe — that is, we are safe with Him — tender, and yet calls us to do extreme things for Him.  Plass’s vision of Jesus is one that’s familiar and comfortable to me, yet there are enough new insights here that I found this book “inspirational reading” in the best sense — it inspired me.  It inspired me to know and follow Jesus better — and it inspired me to read more books by Adrian Plass!


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