Mandy, by Julie Edwards (Old Favourites #2)

The “Julie Edwards” who wrote this book is actually “Julie Andrews” of Mary Poppins and Sound of Music fame — she went through a period of writing children’s books under her married name in the 70s (Her name appears as Julie Andrews Edwards on newer editions). Both this one and her Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles were childhood favourites of mine.

Mandy is a sweet story about a little girl in an English orphanage who finds an abandoned cottage in the woods and sets out to make it her own special place. It captures the experience of falling in love with a place perfectly, and Mandy is a great heroine, with her longing for a home she’s never known driving her to commit all sorts of childhood crimes — lying, stealing, and being mean to her best friend. The book has an almost fairytale happily-ever-after ending, which is entirely satisfying in a book of this sort. I think I might start reading this one aloud to my daughter; it’s a truly timeless story that I hope she’ll enjoy just as much as I did.



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3 responses to “Mandy, by Julie Edwards (Old Favourites #2)

  1. Susan

    Hi there…just a note to say that Julie has done much more than write her two children’s stories in the 70’s. In the recent years she has been prolific in writing and publishing, with her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton, a children’s series involving Dumpy, a truck, and his adventures. She also has an imprint — the Julie Andrews Collection — with Harper Collins, under which they publish selected and wonderful children’s books by other authors. See And no, I DON’T work for her or them!! Just love her, and love her foray into books, now that she sadly can’t sing anymore!

  2. Cool, Susan, I didn’t know about that and am interested to hear it. Julie Andrews is really one classy dame, and I admire her.

  3. el

    Here’s a link to the Dutch edition of ‘Mandy’ translation:
    As you can see, the coverdrawing is inspired by the original.


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