The Barefoot Believers, by Annie Jones

The Barefoot Believers is a light and engaging Christian novel about two sisters whose lifelong rivalry comes to a head in midlife when they find themselves stranded together at their family’s old vacation home, each with an injury that restricts mobility, forced to rely on and put up with each other. While there, one sister rediscovers an old love interest, and the other sister discovers a new one. Plus, they manage to solve the mystery of the baby sister their dad abducted when they were young. All in about a week.

It’s a great premise, although the pacing is a bit uneven, the coincidences often too contrived, and the writing fairly pedestrian (as is all too often the case in much genre fiction, not just inspirational romance). As a light beach read for someone who likes her romance flavoured with Christian values, it’s not bad at all, although I can’t help wishing that with these characters and this set-up, the author could have done something much more interesting.


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