The Way of Women, by Lauraine Snelling

The Way of Women is another of those books of Christian women’s fiction (not a romance in this case) that I occasionally pick up in hopes of a light and spiritually refreshing read.  Sometimes it works out really well, other times, not so much.  This wasn’t a bad book, but it was one of the “not so much” times as it left no real emotional impact on me despite dealing with some very emotional topics.

This novel deals with the 1980 eruption of Mount Saint Helens in Washington State.  The “women” of the title are a group of women who meet while trying to find out the fate of family and loved ones who were up on the mountain at the time of the eruption. There’s plenty of interesting insight into a volcanic eruption and its aftermath here, as well as plenty of pathos.  (And the occasional short chapters told from the point of view of the mountain itself might come across as poetic to some readers, but they didn’t work for me).  The information was interesting, but for some reason the pathos didn’t touch me, and I found myself not caring about the outcome of these stories as much as I should have.  If you happen to be interested in that particular historic event or that area, you might find this a good read, but for me, it never connected emotionally — the characters never leapt off the page to become real people about whom I cared.


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