The Lost Hours, by Karen White

thelosthoursThe Lost Hours is a novel about Piper Mills, a former equestrian champion who hasn’t ridden a horse since a devastating accident six years ago, when she was an Olympic hopeful. Piper’s parents died when she was a child, and when the grandparents who raised her both die, Piper begins a journey of self-discovery that will lead her through the secrets of her grandmother’s past and into her own future.

This is an easy, compelling read which moved quickly and held my interest.  The author’s technique of switching from Piper’s first person point of view to the third-person perspective of two other characters, Lilian and Helen, was jarring at first but I soon got used to it.

Some aspects of the novel’s present-day story were too obvious and could have been handled with more subtlety — Piper’s love interest, for example, was telegraphed (to me anyway) from the minute he walked onto the page, and I could predict every aspect of how the relationship would work out. As a nice contrast to this, the story that Piper uncovers of her grandmother’s past was a genuine mystery that was revealed only gradually and wasn’t at all easy to figure out in advance.  It was more the suspense of what secrets Piper would discover in the past, rather than how her present-day situation was going to work out, that kept me moving through the story.

The setting of the book in and around Savannah, Georgia, feels authentic and vivid, as do all the details about horses and riding.  An enjoyable book.


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