Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith

PPZThis is just too funny. 

I resisted it for awhile, but finally I had to pick up this new version of Jane Austen’s classic, complete with zombie mayhem.

Basically, it’s the Pride and Prejudice we all know and love, slightly abridged but pretty much as Jane wrote it — except that it takes place in an early 19th-century England overrun by zombies, where young ladies such as Elizabeth and Jane Bennet are routinely trained in the martial arts.  Lengthy passages of zombie action are interpolated into the text, written in an Austen-esque style.  I wouldn’t say they blend seamlessly with the original, but they do blend.

There are other interpolations too, though they are fairly minor — the insertion of some very modern and juvenile double-entendres, especially whenever “balls” are mentioned.  And since Elizabeth is a particularly skilled zombie-fighter, even when there are no zombies around the action is kicked up a notch or two, as in Elizabeth’s confrontations with Mr. Darcy and with Lady Catherine, which in this version involve not just verbal sparring but — well, sparring.

I think you have to love Jane Austen just the right amount to appreciate this book.  If you don’t like Pride and Prejudice at all, you won’t appreciate this, um, spin-off.  If you worship Austen uncritically and very seriously, you’ll probably object to the insertion of zombies in a classic work of English literature.  But if you like the original and are familiar with it, and don’t mind having a bit of fun with your Eng. Lit., you may enjoy a few good laughs once the zombies show up.


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  1. TK

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