Diana Lively is Falling Down, by Sheila Curran

dianalivelyAnother in the collection of “light summer reads” I brought along for my vacation, this one features an English heroine, wife of an Oxford don, who is unwillingly transplanted to Phoenix, Arizona when a wealthy American businessman hires her scholar-husband, Ted, as a consultant for the “King Arthur Theme Park” he’s planning to build.

Diana is terrified, Ted is horrified, and their three children are abruptly transplanted to the new world.  Wally, the American businessman, is sympathetic and kindly, though obsessed with memories of his late wife.  Ted is as selfish and hard-hearted a husband as you’ll find in modern chicklit, and practically begs to be cheated on — but Diana is far too frightened and passive to do anything about it.

The plot unrolls more or less predictably from there, with a few unexpected twists and turns.  My initial feeling about this book was that the characters were too broadly drawn — more caricatures than people — for me to care about them. But as I read on, I did find myself becoming a little interested as the author added more layers to their personalities. The only exception here is Ted, who remains such an over-the-top villain he’s more laughable than hate-able.  This was a quick, pleasant read, but a little too frothy for my taste.


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One response to “Diana Lively is Falling Down, by Sheila Curran

  1. I had the same response. Found it a fun romp, but sorta Twinkie reading: really sweet, but with no meat to it.

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