Love the One You’re With, by Emily Giffin

lovetheoneThe setup of this novel bears some similarities to another book I read this summer: The Pretend Wife, by Bridget Asher.  In both novels the protagonist is a young woman whose life has been somewhat scarred by her mother’s early death. After a passionate, whirlwind romance that ended badly, both protagonists married men who they felt safe with, despite a sneaking suspicion that they were “settling” for something less than true love.  Then, early in the  marriage, a chance encounter with the old boyfriend brings that former passionate love back into their lives and makes them question everything — especially the marriage.

Despite these obvious similarities, Love the One You’re With takes a different direction from The Pretend Wife, and one I enjoyed more.  I found the characters, the dilemma they’re confronted with, and the resolution far more nuanced and believable in Giffin’s novel, and I got quite involved with all the characters while reading.  This is good-quality chicklit — an enjoyable and engaging read.



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2 responses to “Love the One You’re With, by Emily Giffin

  1. This one just failed to grab me, and I abandoned it about halfway through. I just wasn’t sufficiently interested, and I didn’t care about the characters.

    Not sure why though. Maybe because I had a very stressful and busy summer.

  2. Your review for Love the One You’re With is dead on! I felt like Giffin’s characters throughout the entire book were very real, and not to say that I could see myself in that situation but I could definitely feel the emotions and felt that this most likely something more than just book characters feel and go through.

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