A Few Kinds of Wrong, by Tina Chaulk

afkowBefore I even review this book, I want to tell you about a great contest with a chance to win the book. Go to author Tina Chaulk’s website to find out all about it and enter the contest!

I read this book back when it was a manuscript, and it’s been exciting to see it come to fruition.  It’s a contemporary, down-to-earth story about Jennifer Collins, a young woman who works as a mechanic in the garage her father once owned.  Jennifer’s always been a daddy’s girl, and when her dad dies unexpectedly, her world falls apart.  Her relationship with her mom has always been a little more complicated, and in the aftermath of Jennifer’s complicated grief, she and her mom find themselves farther apart rather than closer together.  As for Jennifer’s relationship with her husband Jamie, that falls apart completely as Jennifer retreats further and further into a private world of loss. The only person she’s comfortable with is her grandmother, confined to a nursing home in the last stages of dementia.  Jennifer finds Nan’s room a refuge, because Nan is so often lost in the past and it’s as if the whole last painful year hasn’t happened.

Jennifer’s struggle becomes even more painful as everyone around her starts moving forward and she stays stuck in the past.  Even worse, she begins peeling back the layers of memory to discover that the past isn’t what she always thought it was, and she’s forced to reconsider everything she believed true about her father and her mother … and herself.

A Few Kinds of Wrong is a gripping a gritty novel about a woman in a man’s world — whose world is falling apart. I think you’ll find it a great read.  Click on over to Tina’s contest and share a story about women in non-traditional jobs if you’d like to win a copy of the book.


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