Always Looking Up, by Michael J. Fox

I’ve always been a big fan of Michael J. Fox, but never more than since he had to retire from acting due to the increasing difficulty in managing his Parkinson’s symptoms.  I really admire him for coming out of the disability closet when he did and talking openly about his illness and the impact it has had on him.

There’s nothing particularly new or attention-grabbing about the writing in Always Looking Up, but it’s fresh and comes across as honest and sincere — and often funny.  This is a sequel to his first memoir, Lucky Man, and talks about the ways Parkinson’s Disease continues to impact his personal, professional and family life, as well as his growing political activism (mainly focused around advocating for stem-cell research).  It was well worth reading and I thoroughly enjoyed it.



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3 responses to “Always Looking Up, by Michael J. Fox

  1. Have you read Lucky Man, and did you enjoy it? I assume you did, since you liked this one too. I definitely intend to read at least one of his memoirs some day…

  2. I read part of Lucky Man in a bookstore when it first came out (quite a lot, since my kids were playing with a train set in the bookstore) but never finished it. I keep meaning to get a copy and finish reading it.

  3. catherine t

    I too am a big fan of Michael J. Fox. You remember my Maid of Honour Suzy? Her husband has Parkinson’s (Like Fox also diagnosed in his thirties). It’s been tough watching them learn to cope with this challenge. I read Lucky Man when it came out, but figured this one was pretty much the same. After reading this review I think I’ll get a copy.

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