Dragon Haven, by Robin Hobb

Dragon Haven is the sequel to Dragon Keeper,  which I read and reviewed fairly recently.  Robin Hobb is another of the trusted few writers who never lets me down, but I said at the time that I doubted even she could write a book focused mainly on dragons and keep my attention.  I was definitely wrong about that! By the end of Dragon Haven, I was viewing the dragons’ story as not just a tolerable interruption to the fascinating human story, but an intriguing plot in itself. So, Robin Hobb, besides all her other talents, is now the only fantasy writer in the world who can make me care about dragons!

This book continues the tale of the dragons, their keepers, and the crew of the barge Tarman, travelling up the Rain Wild River in search of the possibly-mythical lost Elderling city of Kelsingra. While I loved the place the story had brought me to at the end of this book, there was still a lot to be resolved, and I immediately went online to find out when the final volume of this trilogy would be coming out — Hobb has written four trilogies so far, so I didn’t think she’d break the patter.

Imagine my shock upon discovering that Dragon Keeper and Dragon Haven were originally written as one book and published as two, and that while there is a sequel coming eventually, Hobb’s not even finished writing it yet!!!! I’m not sure how long I can wait to find out the fate of dragons and humans and the quest for Kelsingra … so hurry up and write, Ms. Hobb!!


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