Too Small to Ignore, by Wess Stafford

Too Small to Ignore is a book about the importance of children, from a Christian perspective. Compassion International founder Wess Stafford argues that children should be a top priority for every Christian and for every ministry — from our own children in our homes, to children in the developing world. He argues that most churches and ministries put far too few resources into caring for children, even though nothing has a bigger impact on the future.

The “theoretical” parts of the book were fine, although nothing particularly startling or new there — Dr. Stafford is preaching to the choir as far as I’m concerned.  The parts I found truly interesting and moving were where he illustrates his points by talking about his own experiences as a missionary child in West Africa — contrasting the warmth and acceptance he found in his village community, with the harsh abuse he suffered at a church-run boarding school for the children of missionaries.  The fact that his personal experience backs up his beliefs makes what he has to say worth listening to.


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