The Lost Hero, by Rick Riordan

This book, the first in Riordan’s follow-up series to the immensely popular Percy Jackson books, was really fun to read because we bought it as an e-book and downloaded it to all three of the family e-readers, so that Emma, Chris and I were all reading it more or less simultaneously. As it’s a book with lots of surprises and suspense, there was quite a bit of “Have you gotten to the part where …?” and “No! Don’t tell me!” during the few days we were all enjoying it.

And enjoy it we did! It’s as fast-paced and suspenseful as the Percy Jackson books, set in the same world with some of the same characters, but also introducing a new cast of main characters. It also introduces new mythological elements — while the Percy Jackson series introduced us to the pantheon of Greek gods and their myths, this one incorporates the gods under the Roman names and identities, which are subtly different from their Greek identities. Figuring out how the new characters fit into the myths we already know, and seeing the pieces fall into place, makes this an exciting, page-turning read that will further your kids’ — and your own — knowledge of classical mythology in a very modern setting.


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  1. YES!! Kelvin has been telling me about the Greek and Roman goods and the differences and similiarities ALL the time for the past two weeks. He’s so excited! And I was really grateful for the Kane Chronicles for piquing his interest in visiting Paris, London, going to the Brittish Museum, etc. It’s all I could have ever wanted him to be interested in! 🙂

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