The Night Shift, by Brian Goldman

The Night Shift is an interesting and informative book by Goldman, an ER doctor and CBC radio host.  It takes the reader through a single night in a city emergency room, punctuated with Goldman’s remeniscences of other ER patients he’s seen over the years and reflections on the state of  our health care system, some of the pressures on health care professionals, and general thoughts about medicine and health.  There are plenty of personal reflections here and it’s an intriguing glimpse into a world most of us only get to see from the patients’ point of view.

There’s nothing particularly shocking or earth-shattering here, and Goldman’s effort to organize his chapters both chronolocially and thematically can be a little strained at times, but if you’re interested in medicine and the life of a doctor, it’s well worth reading. I read this quickly and enjoyed it a lot.



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2 responses to “The Night Shift, by Brian Goldman

  1. AK

    We LOVE listening to White Coat, Black Art on CBC so I want to read this one too. But Colin got to it first and gave it a mediocre review so it’s not that high on the list!

    • I’m sure Colin would know better than I would, whether it’s actually in any way accurate in its depiction of life in the ER! From a lay-person’s point of view, though, I found it fairly interesting.

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