When You Reach Me, by Rebecca Stead

I bought this book for Emma’s e-reader because it was recommended to me as a good book for an eleven-year-old girl, but although she started it, she never got into it — it just didn’t connect with her for some reason. Maybe another time she might pick it up and like it — with kids and books, who knows? Meanwhile, I started it when I ran out of my own e-books on our trip to Europe, and read it on the train journey between Rome and Naples. I found it absolutely gripping, so it’s definitely one of those kids books that’s not just for kids.

When You Reach Me is a story about time travel. A young girl in New York City starts receiving mysterious messages and can’t figure out who’s leaving them. There are enough hints in the book to make it fairly clear early on that someone has come back from the future to prevent a tragedy — but who’s travelling in time, and why, and how Miranda pieces it all together, makes a gripping story. I’d definitely recommend it to your eleven-year-old, but if he or she doesn’t immediately fall in love with it, pick it up yourself and give it a try!


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Filed under Children's, Fiction -- fantasy

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