Garment of Shadows, by Laurie R. King

I think it’s telling that when I posted the title and author’s name for this entry, I originally typed “Garment of Shadows, by Mary Russell” and had to correct it to put in the name of the author not that of the character. Throughout this entire series of books King has done such a good job of making Mary Russell a believable character with a strong voice that it’s almost possible to be drawn into the fiction that these really are the memoirs of Sherlock Holmes’ wife.

This book finds Russell waking up in an unfamiliar room in Morocco, where she was working with the movie crew from the last novel, Pirate King. She has no idea where she is or how she got there, and her amnesia gives a unique twist to this novel as it leaves our heroine bereft of her usual impressive memory. She still has her deductive skills but has to apply them to figure out her own situation. Matters are helped somewhat when Sherlock Holmes appears but Russell at first has no memory of him or their marriage. Once again, an enjoyable outing with these two favourite characters.


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