Between, by Kerry Schafer

betweenIt’s always exciting to see a friend’s book in print and for me this has rarely been more true than with Kerry Schafer’s Between. I read two early drafts of this book while Kerry was writing it and apart from being blown away by the amount of revision she was willing to do to get the book to where she needed it to be (the published version is barely recognizable as the same book that I read in early draft form) I am so glad to see this book released by a major publisher so that it will get into lots and lots of hands so more people can read this truly enjoyable story.

Between is a fantasy novel that starts in the world of urban fantasy — Vivian Maylor is an ER doctor whose life seems relatively normal until a patient spontaneously combusts in front of her eyes — and quickly moves into the realm of high fantasy as  Vivian reawakens a long-buried ability to move from the everyday world (“Wakeworld”) into the Dreamworld through a place known as “Between.” Things get complicated when a man she recognizes from her dreams turns up in a local bookstore … but that’s only the beginning. When Vivian moves into the world of Between, she quickly discovers that being a princess in a fairy-tale castle is not all it’s cracked up to. She has a job to do and no idea how to do it … or even how to avoid getting killed by an evil sorceress or possibly the sorceress’s pet dragon. Along the way she uncovers the dark secrets of her own tangled family tree, and has to find her own courage.

I found Vivian’s journey intriguing and hard to put down. Between is the first in a trilogy, so fantasy fans who pick this one up and enjoy it will have plenty to sink their teeth into!



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