Barefoot Church, by Brandon Hatmaker

barefootchurchFor the Master Guide (Adventist youth leadership) program I’m completing, I was required to read “any current book about leadership.” It didn’t even specifically say about church leadership, but given the context I scurried off to my local Christian bookstore to find something suitable. And there was no way I was going to pass up a book with a title like Barefoot Church or a subtitle like “Serving the Least in a Consumer Culture,” even if all I know about Brandon Hatmaker is that I love his wife’s blog.  While this book is geared for pastors there’s a lot here for laypeople too, especially laypeople who would like their churches to move further in the direction of serving the poor. This book contains lots of very practical advice for doing just that, and it inspired me just a little, in ways that I hope I’ll be blogging about eventually.


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