The Truth, by Michael Palin

The+TruthThis is a relatively fast-paced and enjoyable novel by comedian and writer Palin. The main character, Keith Mabbut, is a writer whose dreams of changing the world through groundbreaking eco-journalism have gradually been ground down by the necessity of earning a living, and his latest works have mostly been uninspiring corporate histories. Then he’s offered the chance to write an exclusive, unauthorized biography of an eco-activist he’s long admired — the only problem being that Hamish Melville doesn’t give interviews and doesn’t want anyone to write about him.

Mabbut sets off in pursuit of Melville, but the closer he gets to finding out about the man, the more suspicious he becomes about the motives of the publisher who’s commissioned the work. And the more he learns, the less sure he is of everything — even Hamish Melville’s status as a hero.

This was an enjoyable book to read and I found the story’s twists and turns engaging, though it hasn’t lingered in my mind long after finishing it, so I don’t think it will become a favourite.


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