Calling Dr. Laura, by Nicole Georges

callingdrlauraNow this is something I almost never review because I almost never read them … graphic novels! Except for Maus of course, which was a huge favourite of mine. But I love memoir, and I gave my cousin, who loves graphic novels, this “graphic memoir” by Nicole Georges for a birthday gift, and asked to borrow and read it after she was done with it.

It’s Georges’ story, told comic-book style, of coming to terms with a dysfunctional family background that includes a series of lies about her father. Essentially she grew up believing her father was dead, only to learn as a young adult that he’d been alive all along. The book is also about coming out, relating to her mother and sister and various girlfriends, and attempting to make peace with her past. I enjoyed the story and loved Georges’ drawing style, but there were times when I found the flow of the narrative jumpy and disjointed, and I don’t know whether that’s due to the graphic novel format or whether I would have found the same thing if she’d written a traditional memoir.

If you like graphic novels that aren’t just about superheroes, and/or if you like dysfunctional family memoirs, definitely check this one out!


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