Stitches, by Anne Lamott

stitchesStitches is very much a companion book to last year’s Help, Thanks, Wow — a slim “gift-book” type volume featuring a handful of reflections on life and spirituality by Anne Lamott. The organizing principle in this book is, as the title and subtitle suggest, how do we patch up our lives and move forward after experiencing tragedy, loss and disappointment. While longtime Lamott fans like me might wish for a longer, meatier collection of essays like Traveling Mercies or Plan B, a book like Stitches or Help, Thanks, Wow is a perfect Lamott-lite introduction for those new to her work. Lamott’s trademark humour and wisdom are well-displayed here, though I’d love to read more memoir-type stories about her own life than are included here. Bottom line: definitely good and worth reading, but maybe a little too short and light for hardcore Lamott-lovers.


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