Wakeworld, by Kerry Schafer

SchaferWakeworld is the sequel to Kerry Schafer’s powerful 2013 fantasy debut, Between. It’s the second in a trilogy and any review of it should include the caveats that normally come with reading the middle volume of three: you really should read Between if you don’t want to feel like you’ve been tossed into the deep end figuring out what’s going on, and you shouldn’t expect a resolution at the end of this book. Rather, you’re drawn forward, wanting to read more.

The Between series is sometimes categorized as “urban fiction,” though it’s only “urban” if your definition of urban stretches to include small towns like Krebston, where Vivian Maylor once lived a relatively normal life as an ER doctor. How she got pulled out of that life by the discovery of her ability to move between the world of dreams and everyday reality — is told in the first book. In Wakeworld, Vivian spends most of the story dealing with the ongoing problems caused by a breach between the two worlds. Little details like dragons showing up on beaches in the “real” world — things like that.

In her adventures, kick-ass heroine Vivian is joined by the man she loves, Zee, who’s a sensitive (if someone violence-prone) artist in the real world, but a fierce dragon-slaying warrior in the other reality. Which is a both a good thing — who doesn’t want a hot dragon-slaying warrior on your side in a battle with evil forces? — and also a problem. You see, due to earlier misadventures, Vivian is, well, a little bit part dragon, and has the tendency to morph into a dragon at times. And a love match between a dragon-killer and a part-dragon woman can never be anything but star-crossed.

If that thumbnail sketch is enough to get you curious, pick up Between and Wakeworld and get busy reading now. Then you can sit around and wait for Schafer to release the next volume!



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