Will Grayson, Will Grayson, by John Green and David Levithan

WillGraysonThis is the last John Green novel I hadn’t yet read, so that now I have nothing to do but wait for him to write a new book (which could take awhile — I mean, not George RR Martin kinda long time, but awhile). And this one is only half by John Green, but the other half is by David Levithan, whose writing I also enjoy, so that’s good. Both my kids recommended this book to me, and I read it one night on a train travelling from Paris to Hamburg.

This novel tells the story of two teenaged boys with the same name (Will Grayson, obviously) whose paths cross in unexpected ways as one Will starts dating the other Will’s best friend. The chapters alternate between the two main characters’ points of view, with one Will’s chapters being written by Levithan and the other by Green. As you’d expect from John Green, there’s a snarky, often hilarious teenage wit; as you’d expect from David Levithan, there’s a nuanced and thoughtful portrayal of a gay teenager. And as you’d expect from both, there’s humour, insight and a realistic picture of adolescent life.


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