One Summer: America, 1927, by Bill Bryson

onesummerThe summer of 1927 was an eventful one by any account — Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic; Babe Ruth set a home-run record that stood for nearly 50 years. Prohibition was still in force but widely ignored; the economy was booming — for some — but the crash of 1929 was already on the horizon, though few could imagine it. Bill Bryson brings this memorable summer to life with his usual wit and style, making this book a thoroughly enjoyable piece of social history. It’s a chunky book and when I finished reading it halfway through Europe (having taken it as my “paper book” for times when I couldn’t charge my Kobo), I left it on the “drop a book, take a book” of the hotel where we stayed in Copenhagen. I hope some other world traveller picks it up and is entertained while learning about all the records set and broken and the crazy ups and downs of America in the summer of 1927.



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