Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse, by David Mitchell

thinkingaboutitThis book is a collection of comedian David Mitchell’s newspaper columns, and range widely across topics, giving the reader his opinions on politics, advertising, television, and many other topics. As a collection of columns, it lacks the cohesiveness and storyline of his memoir Back Story, which I loved, and is kind of hit-or-miss. Some columns don’t work well if you’re not familiar with UK politics or pop culture. The very first piece in the book, about the need some people in society have to constantly up the stakes of offending and being offended, may in itself be offensive (in the over-the-top examples it gives) to many readers. But despite some humour that didn’t work for me, I had many laugh-out-loud moments at David Mitchell’s collection. Many of the things that offend him also offend me, and he has a gift for turning a phrase in a hilarious way. He continues to be one of my favourite comedians, and I enjoyed this book.


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