Geek God, by Victoria Barbour

geekgodI always preface reviews of genres I don’t read much by confessing my lack of expertise; I read so few romances, for example, that I never feel I’m really well-qualified to judge or recommend them because ever genre has its own conventions and you need to be familiar with those. Generally, I only pick up a romance if it’s written by a friend of mine or, as in the case of Victoria Barbour, a writer I’m about to meet because we’re doing a reading together. (Well, now we’ve done a reading together. When I read her book, the reading was still in the future).

Victoria is one of a small but growing coterie of romance writers from my home province, Newfoundland, and local readers will enjoy the Newfoundland settings the form the backdrop of her stories. Geek God is the first of a trilogy of novellas (the series continues with Geek Groom and Geek Dad, which I haven’t read yet) about university prof Jillian and hot gamer geek Evan, who are both sort of adorable (and adorably geeky in different ways). This is a light and fun romance where it’s easy to root for both characters as you genuinely want to see them end up together. It’s also a fairly sweet and relatively non-explicit novel; she does have steamier ones as well, which I haven’t yet read! But I’ll definitely check out the next two novellas in this series to see how Evan and Jillian’s journey continues.


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