The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde

Arkham cover D finalThis is one of those classics that I’ve always intended to read and never gotten around to. And I sort of do love Oscar Wilde, so it seems strange that I’d never read his one novel.

Everyone knows the basic premise, maybe because it’s one of the most fascinating premises in all of literature (an agent would call this “high concept” if ol’ Oscar were trying to sell it today!). In fact, I made a Dorian Gray joke just this morning on Twitter about a friend who seems to be perpetually youthful and energetic even as he gets older. So there’s a painting of Dorian Gray, made when he’s young, handsome, and innocent, and as he becomes older and evil and corrupt (but not very old; he’s only 38 at the end of the book!), he never ages or changes, but the portrait changes to reflect the corruption of his soul. It really is a wonderfully weird book, engaging and thought-provoking and chilling all at once.

Also, I had huge fun on my Facebook page announcing that I was going to read that controversial book about the wicked Mr. Gray by the scandalous British author. I can’t believe how many of my Facebook friends actually thought I was going to read Fifty Shades of Grey. Really, people? Really???

Give me Oscar Wilde any day.


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