The King’s Curse, by Philippa Gregory

kingscurseIn this novel, Philippa Gregory continues her saga of the Wars of the Roses into the Tudor era through the eyes of Margaret Pole, heiress of the now-deposed Plantagenet family. With all the male heirs to the Plantagenet name dead, Margaret hopes for nothing more than a quiet life that will allow her to stay out of the spotlight and bring no royal attention to her dangerous heritage.

This seems to work for awhile, but her noble birth draws her inevitably into the royal spotlight as she becomes guardian to Henry VII’s heir Arthur and his new bride, Katherine of Aragon. Their young love is destined for an early and tragic end, but Margaret Pole’s friendship and loyalty to Katherine continues throughout the princess’s marriage to the young Henry VIII and all the convoluted events that follow.

I have found this Philippa Gregory series uneven, loving some books and being unimpressed with others. I found this one of the better ones, and could empathize with Margaret’s plight as a woman who only wants an ordinary life, but because of her name and birth, is destined never to be ordinary.


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