Faith Shift, by Kathy Escobar

faithshiftFaith Shift is a book targeted at people who are going through, well, shifts in their faith. Whether losing faith in God altogether, changing churches, or simply rethinking all the assumptions that have underpinned our spiritual lives for so long, many people of faith will go through major changes that leave them feeling uncertain and confused. Kathy Escobar herself has been through a major faith shift — from being active in a large evangelical church to leading a church plant called the Refuge for people who no longer feel at home in traditional church communities. Drawing on her own experience, she discusses some possible directions that a faith shift might take and describes what she and some of the people she knows have experienced. 

My own faith shift has been far less radical than Escobar’s or those of many of the people she describes. Gradually, over a process of many years, I have changed my views about my church and a lot of its teachings, but I still consider myself part of it (even while disagreeing with leadership on many issues) and feel I have a home in my local congregation, where I’m active. On the outside, it may not look like my faith hasn’t shifted much at all, so there was a lot in the book I couldn’t relate to. However, I think there’s a great deal in this book that could be useful to people who have find the process of change in their faith journey upsetting and alienating, so I would recommend it.



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