A Spool of Blue Thread, by Anne Tyler

bluethreadAs always, Anne Tyler delivers a well-written story with vividly drawn characters. A Spool of Blue Thread follows the fortunes of three generations of the Whitshank family — Abby her husband Red, and their grown children, with glimpses back into the past at Red’s parents, Junior and Linnie. The story is woven around a beloved family home and a family business that stretches across three generations, but the threads (see what I did there?) that really hold the three generations together are the two things that run through every family: love and lies. Throughout the story the Whitshank family’s many secrets are gradually revealed — some of which are quite surprising, and would be disturbing if everyone knew the truth. But the story suggests that when it comes to love and lies, you can’t have one without the other.

There’s a change in point of view about two-thirds of the way through the novel that is unavoidable but jarring, and I wondered if I would continue to be as engaged with the story after that point, but Tyler is more than equal to the task of keeping a reader involved in the story even as other characters’ points of view move to the forefront. The ending of the book — which actually happens before much of the story occurs, because the novel doesn’t unfold in chronological order — is bittersweet, suggesting how complicated family relationships always are, now much love and how many lies simmer below the tranquil surface of a well-loved family home.


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  1. Alice

    read this book – found it great – then bought another book of her’s – can’t remember the name of – it is on the shelf , building my shelf esteem

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