Top Ten Books of 2015

Every year is different for an avid reader. Some years, there are so many great books it’s hard to narrow it down to ten favourites. Some years, there are a few great ones, and a lot that are just “okay.” The latter was one of these years. I read a lot, and I read a lot of good books, but there were only a few that really lingered with me for months after reading.

I read fewer books this year than I usually do — just 65 books, partly because I got into a few really long books, and also because there were times when I wasn’t really finding anything to read that I loved, so I was reading kind of slowly.

I read 50 novels and 15 non-fiction books, but my Top Ten list is made up entirely of fiction; while I enjoyed many of the non-fiction books I read this year, none made a huge and permanent impact on me. 49 of the books I read were by women writers, 15 by men, and one by various authors.

The “Top Ten” list I finally came up with actually has thirteen books on it; there are two series that I counted together because all the books involved were equally good and quite similar. While there were more “so-so” books than usual this year, there were also some real stand-outs, and of the ones I enjoyed most, these are the books that I think will linger with me longest.

Top 10 books

1. Acts and Omissions and Unseen Things Above by Catherine Fox
2. A God in Ruins
by Kate Atkinson
3. Fool’s Quest
by Robin Hobb
4 .Farthing, Ha’penny, 
and Half a Crown by Jo Walton
5. The Secret Chord 
by Geraldine Brooks

6. The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy by Rachel Joyce
7. The Girl with All the Gifts by M.R. Carey
8. Lamentation by C.J. Sansom
9. The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street by Susan Jane Gilman
10. A Little Life
by Hanya Nanagihara



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