The Nothing, by Kerry Schafer

nothingThe Nothing is a fast-paced, action-packed novel about Vivian, who has the ability to travel between the Wakeworld we all know into the Dreamworld and the Between, and is on a quest to stop The Nothing from destroying everything. If you’re confused already, believe me, there’s a lot more to keep track of (like the fact that Vivian is a woman, but also sometimes a dragon, and the man she loves, Zee, is a dragonslayer, so … that’s difficult). The main thing to know here is, this is the third volume of a trilogy (I’ve reviewed Between and Wakeworld here previously) and nothing is going to make sense if you haven’t read the first two. In fact, if, like me, it’s been awhile since you read the first two, you may want to go back and give them a quick re-read before you read The Nothing, or else you’ll be confused and spend the first part of the book trying to remember who’s who and why they’re on this quest they’re on. 

But once you get past that — or a lot sooner, if you have the sense to re-read the first two books first (or the luck of discovering the whole series at once now that they’re all out!) — you’ll be engaged in a nonstop fantasy adventure that touches on our everyday world but spreads out to encompass worlds stranger than we can imagine. The Nothing provides a satisfying conclusion to this excellent series, tying up loose ends but leaving just a few tiny threads dangling on the off-chance Schafer might choose to revisit Vivian’s worlds and take us with her sometime in the future.


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