Closer Home, by Kerry Anne King

CloserHomeYou already know a little about this book because I interviewed the author a couple of weeks ago. Having now read the book, I am so happy to report that I really loved it. I read most of it on the plane on the way to Florida over Easter vacation, and when my e-reader battery suddenly died mid-sentence in the penultimate chapter of the book, I was devastated — I had to make sure the characters were going to be all right!

Closer Home is the story of a woman living a quiet, simple life, who is plunged into the spotlight when her famous sister dies suddenly. Lise has to cope not only with Callie’s fame and money but also with Callie’s angry teenaged daughter and the aftermath of her own confused relationship with Callie. There’s a road trip, a romance, a quest, and a journey into the past to uncover the truth. Closer Home is heart-warming without ever becoming sentimental, and I truly cared about the characters.


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