Writing Out the Notes, by Bob Hallett

writingoutthenotesAlthough (see my last post) I had been on-and-off reading a memoir by Alan Doyle, Bob Hallett’s “Great Big Sea” bandmate of many years, it wouldn’t have occurred to me to pick up Hallett’s Writing Out the Notes if I hadn’t been looking specifically for books about life as a musician in St. John’s. There aren’t a lot of such books, and the glimpses Hallett provides into his early life and musical influences were really helpful to me as I was researching the local music scene for my own current book.

This is not a memoir in the same sense that Doyle’s Where I Belong is; readers looking for a detailed account of Bob Hallett’s life are looking for a book he didn’t write. Writing Out the Notes is, instead, a collection of short vignettes, mostly about music and the influence both listening to and playing it has had on Bob Hallett. In the edition I read, the subtitle was Life in Great Big Sea, and a sticker had been added with the words and other musical misadventures. As you can see from the cover image here, it seems that a subsequent edition of the book corrected the subtitle without the need of a sticker. If you’re looking for behind-the-scenes tales about life in Great Big Sea, you’ll find very few of them here (although the tale of the band’s German tour, early in their career, will offer a few good laughs). Rather, you’ll find a working musician’s thoughtful reflections on listening to and playing music, and probably (if you also love music) a few things you can relate to.


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