Hungry Heart, by Jennifer Weiner

hungryheartAppropriately, given the book’s title, I devoured this book in a couple of days, pausing to laugh out loud often and sometimes share a thought with someone nearby while I was reading. I love Jennifer Weiner — I like her novels a lot, but I like her even more, through her social media presence and her non-fiction essays about everything from weight and body image, to gender bias in literary reviews. Many of those essays are collected in Hungry Heart, interspersed throughout memoir chapters as Weiner tells her life story and examines what made her the writer she is today.

It’s funny, challenging, thought-provoking and heart-warming (and occasionally — look out for the chapter on her miscarriage! — a bit more graphic than you might be expecting). I have never read anyone who has written as well as Weiner does here about the pain of being unpopular as a teenager, and believe me, it’s a subject I know a lot about. Even when she writes about subjects I couldn’t care less about — like her obsession with the TV show The Bachelor, a perfect example of everything I hate about reality TV — she’s entertaining and engaging. I couldn’t get enough of Hungry Heart.


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