Fly Away Home, by Jennifer Weiner

flyawayhomeIf you read my last review, you’ll note that I said I needed some recovery time after The Great Believers. Something a little less intense. To my great relief, I remembered I had a Jennifer Weiner novel on my e-reader, and, well, you can count on Jennifer Weiner to lighten the mood.

I’m not sure why. I mean, it’s not like bad stuff doesn’t happen to characters in her novels. In Fly Away Home, a popular politician cheats on his wife, and when the story breaks, the long-suffering, supportive wife Sylvie is left to pick up the pieces. Her two grown daughters, Diana and Lizzie, aren’t doing so great either — Lizzie’s just out of rehab, while high-achiever Diana is questioning everything about the life she’s constructed for herself.

Tragedies happen, but Weiner’s characters, as in all her novels, are smart, funny, and relentlessly resilient. (And also, none of the tragedies are on the “everyone in your friend group died of AIDS” level, so it’s definitely going to be lighter than The Great Believers). You know Jennifer Weiner’s going to take good care of her characters, and that they’ll be more or less OK in the end.

And they are.


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