Son of a Critch, by Mark Critch

I knew this book was going to be funny — it’s a memoir by our most beloved local comedian, for cryin’ out loud — but I did not expect it to be this funny. And I know I’ve said this before, especially about books by performers, but trust me with this one: you have to listen to the audiobook. You have to hear Mark Critch read this, especially when he does the voices of his mother and his (also locally-famous, at least to people of my generation) radio newsman father, Mike Critch. In fact, he does voices for absolutely everyone in the book, so that it feels like a full-cast recording, except the whole cast is Mark Critch.

Critch is a few years younger than I am, and while there are things about our upbringing that were very different (Catholic school, for example) and things that are pretty much unique to him and absolutely no-one else (e.g. growing up in a house next to the VOCM building, so far out on Kenmount Road that he had literally no neighbours or playmates), there are also so many things about childhood in the 1970s that were completely relatable — except transformed into utter hilarity not only by Critch’s writing but by his delivery of every story. Please, please listen to this audiobook. You won’t regret it.

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