The Girl With the Louding Voice, by Abi Dare

I absolutely loved this novel about a teenage girl in a Nigerian village who is forced into marriage with a much older man who already has two wives, but who still dreams that somehow she will get free to pursue an education and a career. The thing that makes this book such a joy is the totally fresh and believable voice of Adunni, made all the more powerful because the book is written in Adunni’s dialect, so it’s as if you can hear her speaking right in your ears. (You can also notice the so-gradual-it’s-almost imperceptible change in her narrative voice later in the story when she does get a bit more education). Terrible things happen to Adunni, and yet she remains this buoyant, fierce, and optimistic character throughout it all. I really loved this book, loved Adunni, and will definitely read another book but Abi Dare when she comes out with one.


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